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Our Specialities

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Functional Dry Needling

Re – educate muscles and eliminate myofascial restrictions.

Bio Mechanical Analysis

Proper bio mechanical assessment is key for a treatment plan.

Medical Massage

Reduce pain and relieve stress with our Licensed Massage Therapists.


Decompress layers of tissue and restore range of motion.

Kinesio Taping Therapy

The applications of Kinesio Tape are almost endless, relieve pain today.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Points cause many pain symptoms, relieve them today.


Ergonomically designed tools to treat fascial restrictions.

Orthopedic Massage

Effective for soft tissue dysfunction, and chronic pain issues.


Relieve residual pain from scar tissue and adhesions today.


Home exercise plans are key for the quickest possible recovery.

Neuro Re-Education

Techniques used to restore normal movement patterns and functions.

What Is A Chiropractor?

Licensed chiropractors are medical professionals that provide a wide range of manual therapies focusing on diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Chiropractors seek to address the root cause of pain issues through a treatment plan designed to provide lasting pain relief and improved function. Unlike other healthcare professionals, chiropractors do not prescribe pain medication, relying on a mixture of patient education, exercise programs to improve range of motion and joint function, and manual therapies. 

Chiropractors undergo extensive training and education in the most evidence based and effective chiropractic treatment methods. The methods of treatment utilized by chiropractors vary vastly from those of a primary care doctor, but research shows that they are significantly more successful at treating neuromuscular disorders. 

Reasons To Seek Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors should be your first choice for medical care when encountered with pain symptoms such as: neck pain, back pain, low back pain, headaches, migraines, whiplash from a motor vehicle accident, or any other musculoskeletal symptoms. 

When a patient seeks medical care from a conventional medicine source such as a primary care physician for any of the above issues, this often results in being prescribed pain medications, which only mask the symptoms instead of treat the root cause. 

This approach does not solve the pain, and many individuals are not suited for this course of care. Patients who have high blood pressure, history of stomach ulcers, who are pregnant, operate machinery, or drive motor vehicles are not good candidates for painkillers as it may be dangerous to their health. For these people, a chiropractic adjustment may provide significantly more effective care as opposed to potentially harmful medications. 

If you are experiencing pain symptoms and want to return to work, spending time with family, or the activities that you love as quickly as possible without the use of medication, chiropractic services are for you. 

Reduce Pain

Lower Blood Pressure

No Medication

Treat Headaches

Whole Body Balance Chiropractic Difference

At Whole Body Balance Chiropractic our highly skilled chiropractors practice “Diversified” chiropractic techniques. While there are multiple forms of chiropractic care, the Diversified technique is the most common spinal manipulation technique used by Doctors of Chiropractic (DC). This technique relies on the objective findings that are found by your doctor during examination. Some of the most common areas of findings include: Range Of Motion Deficits, Pain Symptoms, Postural Findings, and Palpation Findings. Motion Palpation and Static Palpation are also common methods used to determine if a vertebrae does not have an optimal movement path or is rotated and causing pain.

Each patient is different and unique when it comes to spinal curvatures, functional movement, and biomechanics. Diversified chiropractic technique is excellent for providing personalized treatment, especially when compared to other chiropractic spinal manipulation methods that use preconceived patterns of treatment, even though each patients needs are unique – resulting in patients receiving cookie cutter treatment regardless of findings. 

Our chiropractic practice will never use standard preconceived techniques, we recognize that each patient has unique biomechanics and should be treated as so. We differentiate ourselves by not just treating the problem area, but assessing the person as a whole to provide them with the tools for long term healing and pain relief without medications.

What Are Evidence Based Chiropractic Practices?

All of our providers take an evidence based approach to treating patients. While other chiropractic approaches often lead to expensive, long term treatment plans that are designed to keep you coming back and paying for services, our providers main goal is to get patients back to feeling pain free as fast as possible. Treating a patient “forever” is a common misconception about chiropractic care, which we make sure to communicate to our patients from day one. 

Evidence based practices utilize the most compelling evidence for a given diagnosis combined with a deep understanding of the patients values, needs and treatment preferences. We often utilize and teach functional movement rehab methods as well as biomechanics to help our patients move better and decrease pain levels. 

One of the most common misconceptions of patients receiving chiropractic care is that x-ray’s are a chiropractic staple that are required in the initial evaluation. 

Examination via x-ray can still be used as a key part of diagnosis that is used to determine the integrity of the spine, intervertebral discs, and facet joints – but this is only used after an evidence based evaluation deems it necessary. We only recommend imaging at the initial visit if the patient shows signs of trauma or other red flags. For most cases, if a round of conservative chiropractic care utilizing physical mobilizations does not produce the desired progress, then we refer out for x-ray imaging. 

What Should I Expect When Receiving Chiropractic Adjustments?

Adjustments, if necessary to your recovery, are highly dependent on your individual needs. Check out the videos below or read the transcripts to see one of our chiropractors perform a few different variations of manipulations, and explain how he goes about the chiropractic adjustment process.

The first appointment will include an initial examination to go over the patients medical history, including an overview of bio mechanics to make sure that the patient is healthy enough to receive chiropractic care. 

Ankle Adjustment

Lower Back Adjustment

Neck (Cervical Spine) Adjustment

Conditions That A Chiropractor Near Me Treats

Auto Injuries: Whiplash, disc bulges and other complications such as neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain are common results of a car accident. Chiropractic care is an excellent choice for returning normal pain free range of motion, strengthening surrounding muscles, and most importantly healing whiplash related injuries permanently. We specialize as a car accident chiropractor in Lafayette Colorado.

Sports Injuries: Colorado is known for its love of outdoor activities and many people that live here partake in an active lifestyle. Unfortunately injuries can happen when mountain biking, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and golfing. Creating the right treatment plan to get you back in your favorite activity and prevent future injury is key. Come see our sports chiropractor located in Lafayette, CO today.

Headache & Migraine: Headache pain can have a major impact on work, family life, and the activities that you love, especially when headaches become chronic. Tension headaches are the most common type, we are the top choice when looking for a chiropractor for headaches.

Sciatica: Sciatic nerve pain can be detrimental to everyday activities. Due to the size of the sciatic nerve, sciatica can be felt from the lower back all the way into the toes. Our chiropractors are experienced at relieving tension and pressure that aggravates the sciatic nerve for short term relief and long term healing. Come see a chiropractor for sciatica in Lafayette, CO today.

Chiropractic Care FAQ's

Unlike many other chiropractic practices that offer discounts and adjustment packages, we are a fully integrated medical clinic.

This means that we accept most major health insurance plans, and our patients are only subject to the co pay for their insurance.

Please give us a call at (303) 665-8444 to see if your medical insurance plan is in network with us and to find out how much your copay is for chiropractic care at Whole Body Balance Chiropractic. 

For detailed info on the costs of chiropractic industry check out our article How Much Does A Chiropractor Cost.

Chiropractors provide benefits utilizing a wide variety of treatment techniques including cervical manipulation, joint manipulation, and spinal manipulation therapy. Beyond different adjustments, chiropractors have additional training in areas such as dry needling, massage therapy, exercise instruction, IASTM, and myofascial release. 

Check our our blog post 11 Incredible Chiropractic Benefits to find out more about how care can benefit your wellbeing.

The most common reasons for seeing a chiropractor is usually kinked to unexplained pain in the knee, shoulder, back, hip and elbow.

Also tension headaches and migraines can be significantly reduced due to various chiropractic care methods.

At Whole Body Balance Chiropractic, the first visit usually consists of a physical examination using principals of bio mechanics combined with an overview of the patients medical history.

Our chiropractors must first determine if the patient is healthy enough to receive chiropractic care.

There are many similarities in the training between traditional Medical Doctors (M.D.) and Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.).

Chiropractic education encompasses similar education classes as a medical doctor. Obtaining a chiropractic degree involves rigorous clinical training and additional training in other areas of specialty.

Although the chiropractic profession and the medical profession have differences in treatment methodologies, both are focused on improving patient quality life.  

Check out our article “Are Chiropractors Doctors?” on the clinical training and level of education required.

The methodologies and early techniques of chiropractic were incepted by Daniel David Palmer, who was a self-taught and fascinated by all things scientific. Palmer had realized that pain in the body was treated through various forms of manipulations with hands and other instruments, for hundreds (even thousands) of years. Even though people had been using this method of pain relief for centuries, nobody had truly developed a scientific explanation to explain the processes or effects.

Read more about the History Of Chiropractic.

There seems to be a variety of myths and misconceptions surrounding chiropractors and the care that they give patients. Some of the most common chiropractic myths include:

  • Treatment plans are long and drawn out
  • Cavitation or “popping” means an adjustment was successful
  • Chiropractors can be dangerous or harmful
  • X-ray’s or other imaging is necessary
  • Chiropractic care is expensive
  • Chiropractors are not real doctors
  • Chiropractors only treat back pain


If you would like to learn more in depth about these chiropractic myths, and why they are not true, check out our article Chiropractic Myths (7 Common Misconceptions) in our blog.

There are many different spinal manipulation therapy techniques utilized in modern day chiropractic care. Some of the most known techniques are: Diversified Technique, Graston Technique, Gonstead Technique, Thompson Technique, and Toggle Recoil Technique.

At Whole Body Balance Chiropractic all of our providers utilize diversified techniques because it is a combination of all of the most proven and successful methodologies across various chiropractic techniques. This allows us to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain symptoms and helps provide the best care possible for our patients.

To learn more about common techniques, please check out our article Chiropractic Techniques.

When the chiropractic field was fist being developed, there were struggles to gain legitimacy in the eyes of other types of medical professionals. This led to strife between Medical Doctors (MD’s) and Doctors of Chiropractic (DC’s).

However, in modern day medicine medical doctors and chiropractors work together to treat patients in integrated care settings. The overall focus is providing the best care possible for a specific patients goals, not the methodologies that the care employs. If you would like to learn more about the history behind this misconception, please check out our post “Why Do Medical Doctors Not Like Chiropractors? [Hint: Not True!]“.

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