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Therapeutic Massage

Increase Blood Flow

Relieve Headaches

Decompress Tissue

Emotional Connection

Increase Blood Flow

Relieve Headaches

Decompress Tissue

Emotional Connection

Therapeutic Massage At Whole Body Balance Chiropractic

There is an abundance of historical evidence to indicate that massage was one of the earliest remedies for pain relief and aiding in the restoration of healthy body functions. Therapeutic Massage is a natural method of relieving minor pain symptoms, and may be used in conjunction with a larger strategy to mitigate major pain symptoms. Some of the most common conditions that are alleviated through Therapeutic Massage are: pain in shoulders / neck / back, muscle soreness from overextension, headaches, eye strain, mental / physical fatigue, and digestive issues. 

Massage is an excellent tool that allows patients to become more aware of areas they may be holding tension, and over time can focus on relaxing those tense areas on a daily basis. Overall, regular Therapeutic Massage can keep patients feeling more youthful and encourages them to focus on how muscle tension can affect their symptoms.

When receiving care from one of our chiropractors, massage therapy is always included as part of your treatment during every appointment. 

What Are Benefits Of Therapeutic Massage?

The effects of this type of treatment will vary depending on the outcome that the patient is looking to achieve.  Therapeutic Massage has the abilities to interrupt the transmission of pain signals, decreasing symptoms in the problem areas. Also, the concentration of endorphins and other pain reducing neurochemicals in the bloodstream are increased, which adds to the reduction of pain sensations.”

Another key area of benefits for Therapeutic Massage is the Circulatory System, which is positively effected due to an increase in quality and quantity of blood flowing through various parts of the body after treatment is received. Due to this increased circulation, the heart does not have to work as hard, resulting in temporary reduction in blood pressure and heart rate. 

Therapeutic Massage Specialists

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Sierra Weyerman

  • Massage Therapist (MT)


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