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Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Its Use in Infertility


1 in 6 couples will experience some form of fertility problem.

Usually, it will be the woman who comes in to see me.  Most people will find themselves extremely surprised to find out that they did not get pregnant as soon as they wanted to.  I understand it.  So many of us grew up terrified of an accidental pregnancy, as if it were the easiest thing in the world to occur.  In fact, an incredible set of circumstances needs to be met in order for pregnancy to occur.

The most common question is “How does Acupuncture work” ?  The answer is “It depends”.  If the diagnosis for infertility is “Unexplained Infertility”, then we figure out their Chinese Diagnosis, and treat that.  If stress is a major component to the couple’s fertility problems, then acupuncture does a beautiful job of re-setting the nervous system and allowing the endocrine system to perform in the way it is meant to.  If uterine lining is thin, acupuncture promotes the flow of blood to the uterus and allows the lining to thicken. 

It is helpful when the couple comes in with a diagnosis, but many couples have done numerous tests and still lack a diagnosis.  We always have a diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, and  with acupuncture, herbs, and dietary advice can achieve pregnancy in many couples at the end of their rope and have nowhere else to turn. 


Amy Dickinson, L.Ac.