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Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation!

Our acupuncturist, Anne Devereux, offers three types of skin rejuvenation! Mei Zen facial acupuncture, micro-current skin rejuvenation and (non-marking) facial cupping. While each treatment has its own specific benefits, all three achieve the following: 

  • improved circulation to the skin, which increases the amount of moisture, nutrition and repair to the skin tissue;
  • decreased inflammation
  • improved natural glow and suppleness to the skin
  • provides gentle and natural results with no downtime

All three of the treatment types are best performed with a series of ten visits over ten weeks, with monthly or bi-monthly maintenance after the initial series.

Skin rejuvenation is the perfect way to put your best face forward this summer and is recommended prior to weddings, vacations and reunions.

Anne is also happy to do a 15 minute consult prior to making a decision on which treatment is best for you! Call our office at 303-444-0192 to set up a consult.