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Using Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies

Many of my patients have been coming in with terrible seasonal allergies. The recent snow (!!) has given a hiatus to many of them, but unfortunately, those with spring seasonal allergies are n0t out of the woods yet - Acupuncture has been helping literally millions of people with allergies for millennia. Acupuncture works on the symptoms of runny nose, itchy eyes, and post nasal drip and often gives immediate relief. My phone starts ringing a lot this time of year, and I'll see some of my patients year after year after year predictably. Some patients even start seeing me before the first symptoms occur in preparation for the allergy season. I would sit in class in acupuncture school when we talked about allergies and wonder what the big deal was- who cares if you need to blow your nose a lot? So what if one itches? And then I suffered from my first allergy attack and realized it's really quite awful. It is exhausting, I was fed up with the post nasal drip, and very, very uncomfortable. I did not like the way I felt edgy and cranky. And allergy medication was not helpful for me- or, while it alleviated the runny nose, I felt itchy, wired, dry and very uncomfortable. I have a new sympathy for allergy sufferers. If you are unhappy with the way you feel on medication or whilst suffering from allergies, consider natural healing and give acupuncture a try- you'll be glad you did! -- Wishing you the very best in health, Amy Amy Dickinson, Licensed Acupuncturist, MTCM Associate Professor, Southwest Acupuncture College Co-owner, Whole Body Balance Read More