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Thoughts on the Acupuncture Seminar in Wisconsin

I had a wonderful time in November teaching Wisconsin Professional Acupuncturists a 3 part series on Orthopedics.  Day 3 was a Monday, and I was flattered that so many Pros took time off their work schedule to attend the seminar. 

We went over headaches, TMJ, neck pain, treatment of motor vehicle accidents, low back pain, computer work related stress injuries, migraines, ocular headaches, generalized shoulder pain, and how to get the work station set up for maximum efficiency. 

It was wonderful to work with professionals, some with 2 decades of experience, and exchange ideas and see the epidemiology of certain disease patterns in a cold, damp climate.  It was a wonderful experience and these seminars always inspire me.  I think I learn as much as the students do in these seminars!

Here is the website promoting the seminar if you would like to take a look. http://www.acupunctureorthoed.com/

 Amy Dickinson, L.Ac.