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Acupuncture Can Help You With Stress and Anxiety

By Amy Dickinson, Licensed Acupuncturist

The modern world is full of stresses.  We lead such busy lives. 

I am an acupuncturist who has over a decade of experience.  So many of the health issues that I treat- infertility, pain management, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, digestive disorders, acid reflux- have their root at least in part from stress. 

When our lives are in balance, when our work, family, and play lives are in sync, our bodies are better able to tolerate some of the stresses that we encounter every day.  Simple stresses like deadlines, co-workers and traffic may become intolerable when other stressors are wreaking havoc on our nervous systems. 

If I had to describe acupuncture in one word, it would probably be “relaxing”.  Acupuncture works to re-set a person’s nervous system and make  the rest of the world tolerable. 

Think about putting aside an hour every week to get your re-set button pushed.  Acupuncture cannot take the stress of your life away (except for the hour you’re in the dark, warm, relaxing treatment room!) but it can help your nervous system adapt to the stressors of life.